Welcome to The Then And Its Eerie Resemblance To Today


This site is an original and refreshing POV Point Of View where everyday people making everyday decisions just happened to occupy very high stations in life. Whether an Emperor or a janitor, we all make decisions in the same way. In effect, we all put on our pants one leg at a time.

We need this “You Are There” POV because so many actions, past and present, have so much more clarity this way. Andrew Jackson is said to have said something like high position jobs can be done by any ordinary person.In so much of life, he was correct.

So dear reader, please join a discussion with me on how these high rank but ordinary people made decisions, so many of them bad ones. I am appalled at grossly bad decisions made by way too many people in high places in the European Powers of 1914 and later. Our everyday pragmatism and common sense are far better than what too many of those glorified folks of yesteryear did.

Among other things, I offer at least a half dozen Intellectual Revolutions for a fresh look at today’s problems. Among other things, our Political Gridlock is no different than highway traffic jams. Ever view Road Rage as Performance Rage? Anger over a lack of Performance? And legislative gridlock doomed 18th Century Poland to loss of independence. It’s called the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Partitions of Poland. And National Bankruptcy. The French Revolution’s “blow up” of 14 July 1789 was national French rage at National Bankruptcy.

So please join this dialogue with me. I guarantee it will be most enlightening for us all!